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Why book hair and makeup services for your wedding? Because you deserve it!
Specializing in bridal hair and makeup with an entire experienced and licensed glam squad behind us, our goal at Wanderlust Beauty Studio is to provide services that will enhance the natural beauty you already have and give you a flawless, timeless look - not only for the day of your wedding, but for a lifetime. We hope that when you book with us, years down the line, you view your wedding photos and feel just as special and beautiful as you did at that exact moment. ​

Meet the Owner

-Born & Raised in Pittsburgh. I currently live in the North Hills with 
my husband of 3 years!

-I'm obsessed with traveling (hence the company name) and I start to get anxiety if I don't take at least one vacation a year

-I'm a dedicated fur-mom to three dogs (a husky, a pomeranian, & a pitbull) & also a cat

-I've been to over 100 concerts

-Pizza is my fav.I could eat it everyday for the rest of my life

-I' have probably seen every nature documentary ever made

-When I'm not glamming up all my amazing brides, you can  probably find me at home in sweatpants and a hoodie


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